Sometimes, you realize that you need to do something. It isn't about being unhappy with your life, but about being unfulfilled while this *something* sits inside of you aching to be brought into existence. Blessed Bookworm Designs was the beginning of one of those things.

The Story

I am a person with many dream jobs in me. Starting my own business has been one of them. It was actually my husband, Corey, who suggested in the summer of 2015 that I start making my occasional design gigs into an actual job and there began the fall down the rabbit hole. I decided that my literature training & compulsive habit of saving quotes in a hundred different notebooks could be the secret sauce I had been looking for and began to design bookmarks bringing pieces of classic literature back to life. Bookmarks grew into calendars and greeting cards and in December 2016 I attended my first markets as a vendor. Overwhelmingly I found that people enjoyed my designs but consistently asked if I had hand lettered them. I took that constructive criticism and decided I wanted to officially move away from digital design. I had begun practicing my lettering skills everyday on December 1st, 2016 and had quickly fallen in love. Over the course of a few months I discovered a love for art and illustration that I had paid very little attention to throughout my life. It had always been there - I just wrote it off as "no need to waste time on this, I'm not very good." Let's just say, daily practice can prove anyone wrong on that front.

I discovered watercolors, stippling (a concept I had found incredibly precise and beautiful since high school), and more. The beginning of 2017 has been a whirlwind as I felt myself moving towards something new without totally grasping where I was headed. In May, after move conversation with my amazing husband, I realized the turmoil I had been experiencing was over finally letting go of my dreams of education. It's just not in the cards for me. Then the conversation moved to, "so what IS my career going to be?" After a lot of discussion regarding what I wanted to do, not do, etc - we realized that being a tattoo artist was the path. I have loved tattoos and been getting them since I was 20. I love the artistry and the inherent therapy in being tattooed. Since I still have a few years before all the kids are in school full-time and I'm able to work, I'm able to spend those years working on my artistry and building a portfolio in order to then seek an apprenticeship. This is the plan and that is the story. I'm an artist with long term plans to become a tattoo artist. This time will be the equivalent of me pursuing an art degree - and art programs will likely be involved at some point as well. I couldn't be more excited about it.

My Story

I am a tattooed, 29 year old mom of three little boys with a degree in English Literature gathering dust. Literally. It's in our basement covered in the stuff.

I graduated from college in 2009 planning to become an English teacher and later a professor of literature. Life happens though, and not always in the order you had expected. Nine months after finishing school I married my then-long distance boyfriend of three years. Six weeks into our marriage we found out we were pregnant. Long story short, it's been 6 years of marriage and babies that I completely adore but in the end have kept me from reaching a classroom. But that's okay! Without all of the crazy and unexpected roadblocks, I would never have truly grown to understand my artistic abilities and passion and I would certainly never have gotten the courage to even consider a life as a tattoo artist. It's a wonderful life, you guys.

I believe in kindness without qualification, serving others with a happy heart, inspiring and encouraging anyone you can as much as possible, working tirelessly at things I love, letting go of all the anger and cruelty of the world, sharing the good. I believe that you can embrace your life even when there are things you aren't thrilled with in it, that choosing happiness and spreading it to those around you in whatever way possible will change your life.

I believe books are one of the most beautiful influences on the person you become that exist in the world, writing letters by hand is an art not to be lost in the blue haze of devices and apps, that words - words are what we put together to share our souls with the world. They are the most treasured resource we have.