Season's Readings: 10 Creepy Short Stories for Halloween

Happy Friday, darlings! This morning, I’m bringing you part two of the Halloween Season's Readings series with ten of my favorite and strange or disturbing short stories to go with the Halloween season. I went and found all of them available online for you so you can read them on your computer or phone or even print them out for ease and safe keeping. Maybe even make yourself your own little Halloween themed Short Story Anthology! Enjoy these quick and incredibly well-written pieces of literature this weekend..

10 Creepy Short Stories to Read This Halloween

The Fall of the House of Usher – Edgar Allan Poe

This is one of my favorite stories by Poe. I was first introduced to it when my big sister was in the play and I was in middle school. It’s a great read for this season – but then, all of Poe is.

The Lottery – Shirley Jackson

Jackson is a brilliant talent and a giant in the realm of Horror. The Lottery is one of her best known (and incredibly controversial) pieces of work. Her husband once said of her, “If she uses the resources of supernatural terror, it was to provide metaphors for the all-too-real terrors of the natural.”

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Washington Irving

The first American author to gain international acclaim, Irving is one of the founders of American Literature. You can’t miss this quick classic.

The Love of My Life – T.C. Boyle

This story isn’t Halloween-ish - though then again, most of these aren't and that's okay -  but it’s deeply disturbing in true Boyle fashion. His character darkness mixed with a fascination with bizarre humor and the grotesque in life serve to create a story that is sure to stay with you long after the words on the page end.

The Dead – James Joyce

Joyce changed fiction forever with his offerings of The Dubliners, et al, however so few ever read his short stories. The Dead is a long story (about 30 pages) but it’s absolutely something you need to have in your repertoire.

To Build a Fire – Jack London

I adore London’s writing style and have been slowly working on reading all of his canon over the last few years. This story is a great example of the Naturalist movement in early American literature but it’s also unsettling and perfect to read in the cool nights of fall and the Halloween season.

The Overcoat – Nikolai Gogol

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you’ll remember Rory talking about being a fan of Gogol in the 3rd season. I’ve never read any of his works outside of this story – but trust me, this alone is enough to make you understand her love for the Russian.

Runaway – Alice Munro

Alice Munro should be required reading for everyone. A fantastic writer on the lives of women and examining themes of isolation, loneliness, frustration and more – she willing has spent decades exposing what it is to be a woman and how we cope.

The Man in the Black Suit – Stephen King

I can’t even with this story. It was the first short story I ever read studying King in a literature class and it’s just brilliant. You need to read this truly creepy piece of fiction immediately.

The Half-Skinned Steer – E. Annie Proulx

This is another dark and disturbing story that almost begs to be read at this time of year. You won’t want to miss anything from the wonderful and highly acclaimed author.

There we are! I hope you check out some or all of these stories - are there any creepy and disturbing short stories that I missed? Share them in the comments! See you next week, have a lovely and spooky weekend!