Mentality Monday #2

From 'The Story of Tonight', Hamilton the Musical

From 'The Story of Tonight', Hamilton the Musical

Today is an important holiday for those of us living in the US. It's Memorial Day so Mentality Monday today is focused in reverence on the many who had given their lives in our defense. As of this month, the cumulative estimation of lives lost in service since the holiday's inception is ~1.24 million. 

Mentality Monday is all about helping you to enter your week in the right frame of mind. This week I think that focus needs to be on gratitude towards those who gave their lives for us. All of the parents who lost sons and daughters. Children who lost their mom or dad. Years of recitals and games missed, birthdays tinged with the absence of those lost. Those who lost their spouse - the person they had hoped to spend decades with. An entire life given away willingly in the interest of protecting the many.  

There isn't a lot we can do to say "Thank You" to those we've lost, but I think the best thing we could ever offer up to them would be to work as hard as possible to make our country a place and society worth dying for. 

That's a tall order. And it's not to be taken lightly. This means that we are each individually working not only to make our society reach its potential but also - and perhaps more important - we are living our lives in such a way that we are worth dying to protect.  

Make your life focus on the best qualities in humanity. Kindness to your fellow man - love for your fellow man, serving those in need, respecting your fellow countrymen even in disagreement . This week, and every week,  live your life in gratitude who made it possible and forfeited their own for the very idea of your life and freedom. 

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. And God bless those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.