5 Tips to Stay Awake While Reading

Hey darlings. Happy Friday! I am still working on tweaking new resource library for newsletter subscribers - once it's done I'll send the email that have the password. It's been an incredibly busy week for me personally so just bare with me while I finish things up for you today. This will be a singular place for newsletter subscribers to always have access to any printables or freebies I have sent in the past and all those to release in the future. Yay! Today I have 5 different ideas to help you out if you struggle with falling asleep while reading like I do. Let's do it to it shall we?

Blessed Bookworm - 5 Tips to Stay Awake While Reading

1. Try Multitasking.

Chances are in this day and age your body is used to doing more than one thing at a time. It’s important to try and have periods added into your day where you shut all of that down to clear your head but that’s another blog post for another time. Multitasking while reading can help to keep your mind active so that it doesn’t go into relaxation (and thereby zzz…) mode. Taking notes, highlight/underlining, etc – are great ways to multitask while reading.

2. Keep Your Head Up.

Posture is a huge issue when you’re talking about falling asleep while reading. For instance, I’m notoriously bad about laying down in bed while reading my book under the covers. My husband makes fun of me because I’m out before I even can finish a page or two (he frequently places bets on how long I can last haha!). Don’t get under those blankets and don’t lay down. If you want to read in bed before you go to sleep, it’s an excellent practice but sit up, keep your chin level to the ground, and hold the book at eye level. Looking down relaxes your body and slows your breathing which will only push you farther down the past towards sleepiness.

3. Chew a Piece of Gum.

Keeping your body moving in some way keeps your brain from interpreting reading as a time of rest. This is an old study trick of mine because psychology studies have also revealed that mimicking a behavior both in study time and at the time of a test or assessment will help trigger memories, making it easier to recall the information you learned while studying for an exam. Tap or wiggle your foot, rock in a rocking chair, chew gum or even eat while reading – all of these tiny movements are a great way to keep your body from settling down too much.

4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings.

Read in a place that has noise and movement in the background. A setting that is active (but not too active) will keep you alert. This is why coffee shops and libraries are such great reading and studying spots. Have you ever noticed how many students will study for hours on end in a Starbucks? I myself used to sit in a Starbucks for 6-10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays while studying for my college courses and working on my thesis. Like the illustrious Rory Gilmore says, “[a study space needs to] have that right vibe. […] Just far away from anything major so there’s not a lot of noise, but still not in Siberia.” If you’re at home, have good lighting and maybe throw on some nice music in the background so that you get that extra stimulus.

5. Go outside.

Being outdoors provides our bodies with an absolute wealth of stimuli (plus fringe benefit: Vitamin D!). Go read on your porch, take a blanket to the park, find an amazing tree to lean against (again a la Rory Gilmore, though I absolutely had a favorite tree in college as well); even in winter you can read outside if you like. One of my personal favorites is bundling up to read next to a fire in our fire pit. Hammocks, benches, - go explore your surroundings! Living in Colorado I’ve discovered one of my absolute favorite places to read is in the mountains. I’ve found cliffs to perch on, rivers to sit next to – you can’t imagine how perfect it is. Beach reading is a long-time favorite for me as well from my days living in Florida so go find a place to enjoy the great outdoors as well as your latest read!

So there we are, if you have tips that I missed feel free to share them. Enjoy your weekend, loves!