Bookish Holiday Series: 25 Days of Love Letters

Happy Tuesday! So today I’m going to begin a month of posts about bookish gift ideas for the holidays. This idea is lovely for anyone and it’s also just a wonderful challenge to commit yourself to and bonus: it perfectly fits in with the theme of a handmade Christmas.

Handmade Christmas: 25 Days of Love Letters

Writing a letter a day to someone in your life can be tough but it’s a beautiful thing at the same time. You press yourself to share with them, to think of what you value about them most, memories, etc. Wrap them all up with a ribbon and you’ve just created an incredibly meaningful gift. Give this to one (or both) of your parents, a friend, your spouse – or write 25 encouraging and sweet letters to a new friend that you want to show some love to.

This is a very simple though simultaneously very effort intensive gift. It will take your time but it’s so worth it! Let’s be honest, everyone has a few minutes a day to write a letter to someone they love. You can even compose it throughout the day on a note in your phone and then transcribe it to paper later that night.

This holiday season, give a gift that is worth so much more than the newest gadget or yet another shiny thing – give them a gift that truly shows them how much you love and value their place in your life. I guarantee those letters will be treasured for life.

Have a wonderful, day everyone!