Season's Readings: 5 Perfect Halloween Reads

Morning, dears. This week I’m busy working away on new products and booth design work for my first show in December. As the weather has turned to cool autumn temperatures, pumpkins have graced my front porch with fake spider webs all around, and leaves are falling to cover my front yard; I wanted to write up a quick recommendation list if you’re like me and like to pick out some books to enhance your Halloween season. I’ve just finished Stephen King’s The Shining and immediately began the sequel Doctor Sleep however I’m planning to write up a piece on that pair once I’m finished reading. Outside of my own current Halloween reads, here are five more great options!

Blessed Bookworm Season's Readings: 5 Perfect Halloween Reads

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

I read Interview with the Vampire in October of 2014 and loved the story. I had grown up with the film and truly adored its southern gothic revitalization of such a wonderful creature. I have still yet to read The Vampire Lestat and the rest of the series (of which there are now new additions with the most recent set to release just after Thanksgiving this year) but I am happily reveling in making the story last for as many years as I choose to draw it out. If you haven’t read or finished the series, you should absolutely consider adding this to your Halloween season. You don’t know vampires if you haven’t read Anne Rice’s vampires.

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, et al.

The only way you aren’t familiar with the concept and story of TWD is if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 7 years or so (in which case, you should totally come out because the weather is nice and zombie-filled). The TV show set aside – okay wait, not yet…I can't not talk about it. It’s brilliant, watch it, the new season premiere is on October 23rd with all the previous seasons on Netflix. Now, to focus on the graphic novels/comic book series. I know a lot of people disregard comics and graphic novels when they’re readers but you seriously should give these a chance. You can buy them as individual comics, shorter graphic novels, or as the mammoth compendium editions. They’re brilliant and the writers of the TV show have artfully kept them different in ways that will make both independently enjoyable for you. Go forth and zombify your life.

All things Stephen King

Thus far, I’ve only completed 2 books by this man (The Stand & The Shining) with many short stories under my belt thanks to some pretty excellent literature professors. However, from my small sampling I can tell you with confidence that while Stephen King will obviously do his job of making your Halloween seriously creepy (if not downright terrifying) he’ll also fill your October days with some genuinely well-crafted and masterful writing. I’ll go into this in more detail when I write an editorial on him later this month but for now – just take my word for it and go pick up literally anything the Stephen King has written.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

In 2014, I finally started my return to classics and working to cross off some of the texts I “should have read by now” when claiming to be a literary person. (Though in my defense, my specialties have always been contemporary literary and ethnic fiction so don’t judge me!) Dorian Gray was the first on my list at the insistence of a close friend and it has stayed with me for two years now as one of my absolute favorite classics. Wilde’s writing is witty and easily read without being too try for those who shy away from the older texts. The haunting subject and descent into evil is truly a story befitting All Hallow’s Eve so certainly consider this classic this month.

Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I have been looking forward to reading these books since I first saw the original trailer for them in 2012. I still haven’t sat down with them but decided with the movie’s release that I need to make a change to that and will be reading the first book before October ends. I’ve heard excellent reviews from very trusted friends and family so I know it’s not all hype and look forward to the fun and supernatural creepiness of this series with my candlelit jack-o-lantern nearby.

So there we are, not just 5 books but 5 sources of many books to make your Halloween dreams come true. Enjoy, and let me know what you’re reading this season!