5 Tips to Be More Oranized

I’m a mom of three little boys and our life is a pretty busy one especially since I started Blessed Bookworm. This year there are two different school schedules to manage, my business, our home management stuff, my husband’s travel schedule, and extracurricular activities for the boys as well. Staying organized is not a game for me, haha, it’s a necessity for survival. So today, since it’s the season for new semesters and school years, I’m going to cover a few tips for keeping on top of everything in your life.

5 Tips to Be More Organized This Year - Blessed Bookworm Blog

1. Get yourself a solid planner.

The most important thing you need to do is establish your system. If you’re more into keeping everything on your phone there are excellent apps that you can work with: Trello, Planner Pro, or Google Calendar are awesome apps that I would recommend. If you’re like me and prefer to write things down, Erin Condren Planners are spectacular and I’ve been devotedly using them for 2 years now. I’ve also picked up and tried a Day Designer planner and I follow Sherbert Shoppe on Instagram and their Happy Balance planner is insanely beautiful. Pick what method works best for you and dive in.

2. Use said planner.

If you buy a planner or download an app but never get into the habit of filling it in then you’ll never see a difference in your life. Don’t waste $20-50 on a planner and then let it gather dust for a year. Think of it as an organizational journal or diary. I write down everything about our days in there. What I accomplish, daily bible verses, milestones for the baby or something funny one of the older boys said – my planners are a different way to remember the year. Make sure that you keep yours filled in with all the tasks, deadlines, appointments, and goals you have going on so that nothing falls between the cracks.

3. Keep your work-space tidy.

The more organized and clean your work-space or desk is, the better you’ll feel and more productive you’ll be. Take the time whenever you’re done working or at the end of the day to put everything back where it belongs so that when you come back next time you’ll feel like you’re already prepared to get some work done.

4. Stay on track.

Yes, everything needs to get done. However, you’re not going to finish on time (and keep your sanity at the same time) if you keep bouncing around between tasks. Assign deadlines for everything – even every part of every project, and then give yourself 3-5 tasks to achieve per day. Write them on each day’s to do list. Have your monthly or weekly calendar overview the bigger goals and deadlines for you. There’s no need to keep looking at the list of 45 things you need to get done when you can only get so much accomplished in a day. Plus, it’s motivating for you to see such a big percentage of your day get accomplished so quickly as you check off the tasks for that day and then get to reward yourself with some well-earned time off.

5. Start with your biggest task first.

Each day, start with the task you’re dreading most. I know that sucks to think about but first thing in the day is when you’re most motivated and gung-ho. Crossing off that huge or super-not-fun task first thing sets the tone for the rest of your day and makes every other task on your list so much easier to get done. Just grab your coffee, sit down at your desk and bite right into that bullet. Everything else will just flow from there.

So there are 5 of my favorite tips for staying organized and super productive in such a crazy busy life. What are your favorite ideas for staying prepared?

Hope you have a great weekend and next Monday you'll be able to stay organized and in a great mood with a new Mentality Monday post as well!