Annotated Inspiration: Big Magic, Part V

Good morning, sweets! It's time for a new post of Annotated Inspiration this week - next week will be the final piece on Big Magic and then I'll be introducing a new book to the series!  But for today: Trust.

Annotated Inspiration: Big Magic, Part V: Trust

This week's section was beautiful. Perhaps my favorite part of the entire book thus far. Gilbert writes at length about looking at our creativity and art as a gift and not something that should be torturing us. The idea of the tortured artist is something we're all familiar with of course. Many of the greats in history embraced this, feeling that the torment and misery is what made their art not in fact that they made such art in spite of it.

I think this is an incredibly important notion that we need to remember. I choose to have my passions fulfill me and thrill me - not to let them make a martyr of me. My hardships in life (of which there have been many, I'll be honest) are a part of me but they don't fuel me. In truth, I per sue my passions and goals so as to show I'm better than the worst things that have happened to me. 

Gilbert writes that we should be kind and loving to our work so that it will love us in return. Embrace the concept of "stubborn gladness" as our dear writer puts it. Choose to be relentlessly happy about your work and passion even when it's a struggle. Continue to trust that your passion will see you through.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of this chapter was when Gilbert starts writing about curiosity. It's amazing. She writes about how there are times when you have no creative ideas or inspiration. Or you can't persue the thing you long to do - then follow your curiosities! They are hints and clues from your creativity. They can lead you down paths to ideas that you never imagined. Continue to happily embrace every little tiny thing that interests you so that you can find the blissful locations where it may lead. Trust.

She writes about how many things we do will fail - and that's okay. We have to accept our disappointment about that but then continue forward. Even if your creation doesn't reach your expectations, you still created something. That's beautiful. That's a gift. Even if no one buys it. You allowed that idea to become manifest through you. Appreciate that for what it is.

The biggest trust we are told we have to put in our work is when we take what has been created and put it out in the world. Regardless of the outcome - you have to do it. You have to honor your work to share it with others. It's terrifying, I'm not going to lie. It's why I kept my business plans under wraps for A YEARbefore telling almost anyone I knew about them. It's why I'm scared and yet blindly going forward, regardless of what my ego and fears tell me. I have opened for business, I'm releasing new products, investing more in my work at every opportunity, and signing up for markets in the near future to further it's presence in the world.

I know I may very well fail. I am choosing not to care. If I fail, it will be a brilliant fireball. It'll be some of the most exciting months or years of my life. And it will have made me happy. Nothing else matters. It was fun.

"This is either madness...or brilliance." - "It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide." - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl