Annotated Inspiration: Big Magic VI

Happy Wednesday, dearies! This morning is the final editorial for Annotated Inspiration's close read of Big Magic. It's been an amazing book and if you're only joining us now I truly recommend you go grab a copy and read it yourself (as well as the entries here obviously). After the post is over I'll also be announcing the next book for Annotated Inspiration and when it will begin.

Blessed Bookworm: Annotated Inspiration: Big Magic, Part VI: Divinity - A Close Read Seminar and Book Club focusing on inspiring reads.

The final chapter of Big Magic, Divinity, is incredibly short - only a few pages really. Because of that, my editorial today will be somewhat quick as well. However I think it sums up where Gilbert wanted to lead and leave us as readers. Creativity is full of contradictions as is life. The emphasis for me is that regardless of the contradictions we need to do what is right for us. This applies in every part of life. Spirituality, parenting styles, education and career goals, and how we embrace and share our creative passions with the world. Be the walking contradiction that you are with gusto. Put forth your ideas and embrace them with happiness without consideration over how well they are received. You created something. You brought an idea to life manifest. That's all that needed to take place. You are a part of Big Magic as long as you choose to be.

After reading this book I hope you've gained the confidence, trust, and courage to go after your ideas and passions.

Next week I will be introducing the new Annotated Inspiration book, Originals by Adam Grant. On August 31st the first editorial on the assigned chapter(s) of the book will be posted. I hope you'll join in, I'm sure this will be a wonderful experience. Have a wonderful day, everyone!