The Best is Yet to Come - Bookish Announcements!

Good morning, good morning, darlings! Today is yet another amazing day in the neighborhood with lots of news. There’s so much to tell you so without any further ado – let’s get to it.

Blessed Bookworm Book Club and Reading Challenge Announcements

First, I am restructuring how I set up the newsletters for subscribers. Starting tomorrow I’ll have a monthly newsletter that will be sent out with an extra editorial or two, news regarding the business or blog, and maybe a fun piece on things going on in the bookish world. Along with those, I will be sending out a weekly newsletter every Monday night that will have links to bookish news and things that are going on with literature. So if you sign up you’ll now get regular news and updates along with your access to the subscriber’s library which will get updated with new freebies every couple weeks and new digital wallpapers every month.

Second, I have two big reading challenges I’ve set up. I am a busy mom of three so I believe in making book clubs and reading challenges something anyone can take part in regardless of responsibilities. With that in mind both of these challenges take books that are often viewed as intimidating and provides us all with a group to get us through the heft together in doable pieces and no pressure. I’ll also share access to reviews, discussions, & articles so that we get as much out of these reads as possible.

The first will be a reading challenge to take on Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize winning The Goldfinch. We’ll be reading 97 pages a week to so that this is broken into feasible chunks that almost anyone can take on without being overwhelmed. Each week I’ll have discussions up for us in the Goodreads group to talk about what we’re thinking on the newest section. You can also post about it on Instagram with #goldfinchreadingchallenge

The other reading challenge is going to take place for all of 2017. We’ll take on David Foster Wallace’s 1000+ page Infinite Jest by reading 91 pages a month and discussing each section as well as our reactions and feelings on the book. By taking such a monumental novel and only having such a small monthly commitment it’s possible to read other (easier) books throughout the year and to digest all of the many layers, references, and footnotes. I hope you’ll join to take on The Year of Infinite Jest and we can all talk about it on Instagram as well with #theyearofinfinitejest

Lastly, I’m introducing the Blessed Bookworm Reads Book Club. An online monthly book club focused on literary fiction and classics, each month’s text will be chosen through suggestions and popular votes amongst the group members. I’m so excited for us to jump into a new year of fun reads! Join the group, suggest ideas for next year’s texts, and make some new friends. If you want to share or post about the club on Instagram, feel free to use #blessedbookwormreads

Hope to see you on Goodreads, dearies. Have a great Wednesday!