Bookish Holiday Series: Charity & Random Acts of Kindness

Morning, dears. Today I have a new set of ideas for your holiday season and gift list. This series will continue through the next three weeks leading up to Christmas so I hope you'll keep checking back to find out what other suggestions I've got lined up! (Also, the December calendar featured in today's photo is now available in the Subscriber's Library so make sure to sign up for the newsletter list to get access to this gorgeous printable!)

Bookish Holiday Series: Charity and Random Acts of Kindness - how to make a real difference this Christmas

Every year around the holidays it seems mankind rediscovers its collective since of charity. I try to carry this throughout the year but I'm grateful that at least people remember it as the days get colder. Today I'm offering you the idea that instead of giving someone or even anyone presents, you can include them on a far better theme for the holiday season: charity and kindness. Take the budget of one person's gift and go spend it with them on something that will do someone else good - or pick a charity to donate to together. Or go whole hog and make your entire Christmas budget into a giant charity and kindness budget and invite everyone on your list to come help you spread that love as a group. They'll get a lot more out of it than another Starbucks gift card. Here are some ideas for acts of kindness or charities I always recommend supporting:

  • Buy a ton of hand & feet warmers for the homeless
  • Make a burrito or meal assembly line and take it to food to those in need
  • Buy as much water as you can fit in your vehicle and go take it around to the homeless (they need water so much more than anyone ever realizes)
  • Pay someone's tab at a restaurant or buy their groceries (you can also buy gift cards for grocery stores or restaurants and walk around handing them out)
  • Pay for someone's coffee
  • Buy yards of fleece or flannel material, cut into 12" wide strips and you've just gotten scarves for days to give out
  • Take flowers to retirement homes
  • Bake cookies for retirement homes, school staff, police officers, fire departments - everyone loves baked goods.
  • look to Pinterest for thousands more ideas...
  • Donate to RAINN, St. Baldrick's Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, or even your local women and children's shelters or homeless shelters. Find a cause you and those on your holiday list care for and support it.

Truly, consider doing this for one, several, or all of your gifts this year. Or spend less on gifts and put the difference towards these acts of generosity and love. You may end up receiving more than you give.