Easy & Last Minute Literary Costumes for Halloween

Happy Friday, loves! It’s been a very big week here personally with a roller coaster of events. I got accepted to my second holiday market here in Denver (I created a new page on the site to keep track of markets I’ll be appearing at so check it out here), and then got some very big news for one of my sons that I’ll be working to figure out how things are going to proceed. For now, there’s nothing more I can really say but the way Blessed Bookworm exists online is going to have to be amended because at the end of the day, I’m only one person and my job as a mom simply has to come first.

With all that being said, we are officially 10 days out from Halloween! Woohoo! With that in mind, I wanted to help you out if you’re still in the undecided column for a costume (don’t feel bad, my husband and I just chose ours a couple days ago) with some easy literary costume ideas so we can all live out a new layer of book nerdiness. Enjoy!

Easy & Last Minute Literary Costumes


There is a giant selection of tutorials to make a simple Madeline costume for Halloween so I’m going to just link you to the search results on Pinterest. This little Parisian girl makes for a cute choice.

Roald Dahl Characters

There are so many options to choose from here. Any one of the characters from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (hello, Veruca Salt), the giant from The BFG, James from James & the Giant Peach, or go really awesome and make yourself a classically Halloween-esque Witch following the ideas of The Witches. Really, you can go wild with this thought process and the costumes are all easily made as the characters are pretty realistically portrayed. Bonus: you can use this theme for group or family related costumes.

Moaning Myrtle

If you're really in a hurry, this is a great option for you. Toss your hair in pigtails, pick up a cheap toilet seat and a black robe, and you’re all set to talk in an obnoxious soprano voice and yell at people like the moody Moaning Myrtle from Hogwarts. High five for cheap Potter costumes!

The Book Fairy

So this is a bit more DIY than the others but it’s a gorgeous result as well. Instead of being a specific character, be more creative and go to your Halloween festivities as the adorable book nerd you really are as the fairy who brings literary joy to everyone’s life, always prepared with a book recommendation to anyone who asks.

Paddington Bear

Red umbrella, blue coat, jeans, red boots (no, Ted Mosby, rain boots not cowboy boots but I guess, whatever floats your boat), and a suitcase or decorated cardboard box - oh and don't forget the peanut butter. Who doesn’t want to be the adorbs bear from our childhood?

Mythological Gods

Neil Gaiman, Greek & Roman Mythology....there's a wealth of options for more creative and yet simple costumes. Bilquis, Venus, Zeus, and more - this not only makes you set apart but also makes your costume an amazing conversation starter for the entire night. Go forth and explore your mythological potential.

There’s a billion choices for costumes out there and chances are you’ll be one to stand out in the midst of sexy fairy tale characters and Game of Thrones characters (not knocking it, but really I can’t handle another Khaleesi with a crappy bleached wig…). Enjoy your individualism and have a great Halloween!