Mentality Monday 11

Happy Monday darlings! It's launch day! Hip hip hooray! I'm so excited to see soo  many hours of work come to fruition and share with you my new line of calendars! (Available on Etsy.) 

Coming this week we will have the final editorial on Big Magic for Annotated Inspiration and the announcement of the next seminar read. Then in Friday a new blog will be up with my favorite recommendations of book & creative inspiration related podcasts! Hope to see you back all week. Now for Mentality Monday: 

Blessed Bookworm Mentality Monday: "For what it's worth: it's never too late to be whoever you want to be." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I believe that we can always become better than we were. Furthermore, I believe that it's part of the inherent human experience to spend our lives striving for improvement and excellence. That could refer to a myriad of things for different people and at different periods in one's life. There are always new goals to be met, new adventures to go on. You can achieve so much if you're ready to put in the effort - and don't you want to be one of those people of whom it's said, "She/he certainly had an amazing life"?  

Follow your path, but respect the hints and ideas you get to work towards being better in some way. It isn't that people don't change - it's that most people choose not to do the work necessary to bring it about. You can do it.  

I hope you all have an amazing week!