Mentality Monday 13

Good morning, darlings! This week is going to be a crazy busy one for this little bookworm. On Wednesday we’ll be discussing chapter 1 of Adam Grant’s Originals for Annotated Inspiration (go grab a copy from Amazon, your local indie bookstore, or support the local library by checking it out so you can join us!), the long awaited Newsletter Subscriber’s Resource Library will open as well as a little newsletter will be sent out, a new crop of bookmarks will go live in the store, and lastly on Friday I’ll be posting an editorial discussing a new book club idea for 2017 and an Ode to Slow Reading. Thank goodness for coffee right?

Mentality Monday: "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

This morning I wanted to share a beloved quote from everyone’s favorite literary Papa, Ernest Hemingway. I have dealt with many traumas in my life. There have been years spent in brokenness the likes of which entirely too many people would understand from their own personal experiences. That being said, a little over two years ago I started finally acknowledging what had happened to me and how internalizing it had only served to injure me further. I started going to therapy. I was diagnosed with depression, an anxiety disorder, and severe PTSD. Between that and changing my lifestyle health wise by eating well and beginning to work out on a regular basis my outlook on life has changed entirely.

That’s all to say, that we can get better. We can mend the broken parts of ourselves and become stronger. It isn’t always easy. I battle with my issues every single day – and honestly right now I’m struggling with them severely as the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing looms in the next 4 weeks – but I know now that it’s just a part of me and not all of me. I’m not defined by my trauma; I’m strengthened by surviving it.

This isn’t an easy thing to do nor is it an immediate fix, so please don’t think I’m saying it’s an immediate cure all. It’s work. It’s hard and takes time – I’m by no means done with that work or with therapy. I may never be. But I know it’s worth the effort and that the small improvements are worth everything.

We all go through some kind of hell in our lives at different points – I don’t qualify that statement with who’s situation is worse or harder to live with. It doesn’t matter. We all are fighting for our lives. And all that we need to remember is that we aren’t alone and it can get better.

Much love, darlings. Keep the faith.