Mentality Monday#9

Good morning, and happy Monday, sweethearts! I hope you had a glorious weekend (we totally did here) and are ready to go forward into the new week with excitement! There's so much happening here at Blessed Bookworm this week. Wednesday the new installment of Annotated Inspiration will be posted and Friday will have recommendations of classics to get you through the rest of your summer. Without any further ado (yes, I did just go check and that's the right spelling - weird, yes?), here's our Mentality Monday post.

Mentality Monday: "Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection." - Mark Twain

Every day you can choose to make progress. You can choose to work at improvement and accept that it takes time to get things right instead of hiding from your goals (or even abandoning them all together) in the interest of serving that multi-faceted douche, Perfection.

It's about the work, guys. The grit that fills our days. After all, whenever you reach a goal what do you immediately do? You turn around and make a new goal. It's that work that ends up being the story of our lives. Stop trembling in front of Perfection (let's be real - she's a major bitch) and embrace the imperfection and the little victories of every single step in improvement!

I hope you have a fantastic week and enjoy whatever improvements you achieve,

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