Mentality Monday 21

Happy Monday & Happy Halloween, trolls! It’s going to be a blessedly busy week but I’m super stoked about all of it. Today we have the Mentality Monday post and the weekly newsletter tonight, tomorrow my first Instagram photo challenge begins (join in by following my account and following the prompts with #blessedbookchallenge) as well as the Annotated Inspiration: Originals wrap-up that I was unable to get to you last week due to illness and technical difficulties, Wednesday will have the introduction post for The Goldfinch Reading Challenge, and more to come on Friday after a quick day off on Thursday. Let’s get to it!

Mentality Monday: "Do one thing every day that scares you." Mary Schmich

With today being our special spooky holiday I thought this quote from Mary Schmich was perfect (oft misattributed to Eleanor Roosevelt read about it here and check out Schmich’s excellent 1997 essay here). We should all try to do something new each day that will confront a fear and push us to be better versions of ourselves. It reminds you what you’re capable of, that fears are just things holding you back, and that we are made of stronger stuff than we realize.

Go out and do something today that scares you – I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.