Bookish Announcements: A New Plan for a New Movement

Good morning, dears. Today is going to be a different kind of post. I appreciate all the support I've gotten from you as readers since I started this blog along with the business last year. This morning I'm bringing in some big changes.

Blessed Bookworm - A New Plan for a New Movement: Why I Won't Keep Doing A Mountain of Marketing Work that Isn't a Part of My Job

As of today, the blog is a secondary piece of fun in this business. The email newsletters are as well and for now are cancelled due to lack of interest and engagement. I want you guys to understand something. I love writing on this blog, but it's not what I do. I am not a blogger. The designs and work I create for this business are what I do. And with the advent of the new Women's Movement and Resistance in our country - that's what I do. Putting in hours and hours of work for a blog that is not central to my business is a silly timesuck that's not necessary. I have a lot of important things I could reallocate that time to.

I'll still write on here but it won't be twice weekly posts, etc. It'll be when I have genuine and quality content to bring you. Outside of that I'll still be posting very regularly on Instagram as I always have. I created a listing for personalized stationery explicitly for the purpose of writing your representatives in Congress (hand-addressed for you to the correct people based on your location and being sold at a very low price to encourage your activism) this week and I plan to work to create more products like that to be a part of this movement in whatever helpful way I can. These are the things that need my time and attention. Not twice weekly posts about which books I genuinely don't have time to read lately or crafts that are not my original idea but instead curated lists of finds from Pinterest you could find yourself. My time is better used on creating the work that brings this business to life and on working to make our world a genuinely better place.

I love you all and will always be around, but there are simply more important things to do than making sure I cross off every "You Have to Do This to Be a Successful Solopreneur" marketing idea. I'll stick to what I'm good at and what allows me the time to do what needs to get done. I appreciate the love and support you are giving me while I am still growing into my business identity - in any case, I'll be here.