Annotated Inspiration: Originals, Ch. 1

Good morning, sweethearts! I’m working around the clock to stay on top of all the things I want to accomplish for the business and all of my home responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom for three boys (not to mention training for a half marathon!). Bear with me for the next couple weeks, please, as I get things finally to a settled into a new system for the school year. Tomorrow the Subscriber’s Library is scheduled to launch with the Fall Newsletter that is getting sent out so make sure to sign up today if so you don’t miss out! I’ll have a few new freebies added to the mix. Now, for today, we have the first editorial on Annotated Inspiration: Originals.

Annotated Inspiration: Adam Grant's Originals, Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of Originals, Adam Grant is looking at who it is that tends to be the most original and successful. He writes citing a great amount of research that helps us to identify the qualities and habits of effective creatives. Anecdotes about the most successful original ideas we have experienced in the recent history of America. Google, Warby Parker, Steve Jobs, and more are all analyzed.

What Grant offers as his first finding is that recognizing original individuals starts at curiosity and the ability to inherently reject the defaults of life and our modern society in order to consider finding a better solution. He writes that it has little to do with natural intellect, in fact noting that many with the highest IQ’s end up spending years studying and practicing relentlessly at their talent to the detriment of developing their creativity. Later he also covers the assumption that giant successes have to come from giant risks and a healthy dose of luck, delving into exactly how often Originals actually take those risks – and honestly the information is pretty surprising.

Now, I’m going to kind of switch up how I structure Annotated Inspiration. For the rest of Originals, I’ll be writing bi-weekly editorials looking at 2 chapters per post. After we finish Originals, Annotated Inspiration will be on break until after the new year. In its stead I’ll be hosting a group read-along of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt over the course of November and December (more details to come!) and some extra editorials.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!