Annotated Inspiration: Originals, Chapters 4 & 5

Good morning, loves. Today I have the delayed editorial on chapters 4 & 5 of Adam Grant’s Originals. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a piece on the books that helped me grow up into the feminist I am now, a new Halloween printable will be added to the Subscriber’s Library, and I’ll be posting the finalized reading list for the 2017 Blessed Bookworm Reads Book Club along with some special goodies and news for the club as well. Next Monday I’ll be sending out the October Blessed Monthly Newsletter which will include an exclusive editorial along with the week’s bookish news so make sure to subscribe below if you aren’t on the list yet. Now on to Annotated Inspiration…

Annotated Inspiration: Originals, Chapters 4 & 5

This week’s reading was very interesting for me. In chapter 4, I was able to be validated regarding my longstanding habit of procrastinating and taking a long time to enact new projects. (Take that, 10th grade English teacher!) Grant writes about studies and anecdotes where procrastinating was found to be helpful to come up with better quality and more original content/ideas. Thinking about what you want to write or do with a project in the back of your mind while you procrastinate is what makes it more successful. You have time to wash out the more conventional and boring stuff and make way for more creative solutions.

Personally, I’ve never once written a paper more than 24 hours before it was due – including several 25-page research papers. I would do my research and reading in bits and pieces over the months preceding the due date, however never create a single sentence for the paper until the day or night before. My brain just doesn’t work that way. In the instances where professors tried to head procrastinators off at the pass and require bits of the paper in advance – my final draft was always entirely different content than what I had originally submitted though my thesis would remain on the same topic. At the end of the day, I just write better at the last minute. Even my blogs and pieces I write now are never written until the morning I post them. That’s why, admittedly, sometimes they are posted late – but I stand by the fact that I know myself and my style. It’s better for everyone involved if I don’t post things I wrote a week in advance.

Chapter 5 covered a lot of fascinating information on the history of the women’s Suffrage Movement of the 19th century but also contained valuable lessons regarding the importance of coalitions and who’s opinions we should value most. Most of this chapter struck a political cord with me, making me think of our inactive Congress over the last decade. Grant actually provides a lot of fascinating stuff which relates back to why the Democrats and Republicans in our government would actually create much better policy if they worked together. His chapter covers more specifically why studies have found that we perform better when we work with our enemies. What’s more, he explores how when we work to win over the opinions of those who disagree with us most adamantly – we end up perfecting our message to attract the most people to our cause. I don’t have a way to work this into my life at this point because I honestly don’t have any enemies, but I would certainly welcome criticism from competition and those who don’t necessarily like my products. We improve by learning where our weaknesses are.

I have to say, I don’t really connect with Grant’s writing style as he stays rather academic much of the time, however his content is always very interesting and informative if a little too formal. If any of you are struggling with the read I encourage you to try and push through it because while the writing may be dry, the information you learn is most certainly not.

Now, Annotated Inspiration will be returning on October 26th to cover the final three chapters (6-8) of Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. After that, AI will be taking a break while we spend November and December doing the group read and discussion of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch in the Goodreads group. Wednesday posts will then turn to other bookish topics and editorials. Have a wonderful, Thursday, everyone!