Annotated Inspiratoin: Originals, Wrap-Up

Good afternoon, dears. I've finally got the closing piece for Annotated Inspiration: Originals today. Tomorrow I'll be posting an introduction to our first reading challenge, taking on Donna Tartt's Pulitzer Prize winning The Goldfinch.

Annotated Inspiration: Originals Wrap-Up

This final editorial on Adam Grant's Originals covers the final three chapters as well as just an overall closing to the text. In the final chapters a lot is covered but honestly I thought they were probably the least redeeming chapters for the book. Grant is informative and the research covered is always helpful and interesting, however his style of writing is somewhat unimpressive and simplistic. This isn’t helped at all by the horrible boring voice chosen to narrate the audio version of the text. I only half-heartedly recommend the book for the content knowledge you’ll gain from its reading, I just wouldn’t say it’s the most brilliant book of the time or anything.

First, in chapter 6 siblings and family’s impact on success and originality is discussed, which while informative was not as fascinating as some of the other chapters. Chapter 7, the concept of groupthink was introduced and discussed, and in chapter 8, anger and anxiety were applied to the title concept as well.

This book falls short of receiving amazing reviews with me despite my best efforts to fall in love with it. I watched Grant’s short TED talk months ago and was immediately excited about the book but in the end, it’s a pretty prosaic read with interesting anecdotal and research material making it come off almost like a sale pitch text. I’m grateful for the things I learned however the book could have been done better.

Now that this text has been finished, things will be moving into a different system. With some reading challenges beginning this month and again in January, Annotated Inspiration is getting shelved for now. I’ll be outlining some other changes as well to keep you guys informed very soon. Hope you have a wonderful day!