Annotated Inspiration: Introducing Book Two

Morning, guys and gals! This morning I’ve got a new Annotated Inspiration post for you introducing our new text. Friday there will be an editorial with tips on how to stay awake while reading (I can’t be the only person with this problem!). There is also going to be a very special email sent out to subscribers on Friday with a password to the new Blessed Bookworm Subscriber’s Library! After Friday I’ll be adding this to the welcome email for any new subscribers so you won’t miss out in the future as new awesome things are added but you’ll want to check it out this weekend and as new downloads are added next week as well. Sign up and enjoy. Now, let me introduce you to someone…

Blessed Bookworm's Annotated Inspiration Book Club - Introducing Book Two

Adam Grant is the author of two books, a top rated professor for 5 straight years at the University of Pennsylvania, and a brilliant public speaker – among about a million other things which you can read about by clicking the link on his name. His TED talk from the spring of 2016 on The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers has gotten over 800,000 views. His education resume reads like an academic’s dream list of collegiate opportunities. Basically he’s amazing.

All of that awesomeness being noted, our next read for Annotated Inspiration will be Grant’s 2016 release, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. It has 8 chapters so we will begin next Wednesday, August 31st, discussing chapter 1 and continue on covering a chapter a week until we finish with the final post on October 19th. I hope you’ll join us to check out this new and inspiring read! See you next week, loves.